• Marine Consultants & Technical Services

  • Marine Consultants & Technical Services

Our Services

  • Hull and machinery surveys, repair follow-up and accounts settlement approval;
  • Loss of Hire surveys;
  • Casualty investigations;
  • Insurance ship condition surveys;
  • Yachts and small craft surveys;
  • Technical commentary / evaluation reports;
  • Management evaluation / Company and shipboard ISM audits;
  • Third party condition surveys;
  • New building project management;
  • Ship conversion project management;
  • Ship repair project management.
We maintain direct relations with the main technical universities and investigation institutions in Portugal. When applicable and where necessary, we can complement our expertise with specific studies in the areas of materials structural behaviour and resistance, ships dynamics, ships vibrations, fuel technology, energy management, NOx and SOx measurements and materials scanning electronic microscopy.

Aside from the standard survey equipment, and as a support to the offered services itemized above, our office is also geared with the following equipment and tools:
  • Hatch cover ultrasonic tightness testing equipment;
  • Thermography equipment;
  • Materials hardness gauge;
  • Materials ultrasonic thickness gauge, including coating thickness;
  • Digital portable microscope;
  • Endoscopic digital camera;
  • Intrinsically safe multichannel portable gas meter;
  • Intrinsically safe digital camera;
  • G.R.P. and other materials moisture meter;
  • Sea-web software suite.
Continuous training of our technical staff is a key part of our policy to prepare ourselves to the present and future challenges our clients may face, including those dealing with energy and offshore. Training is the necessary tool which will allow us to maintain and upgrade our competence in a world of constant technologic evolution.

Our Service Range*

*Daily direct flight connections to several coastal cities in Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Morocco, Ghana, São Tomé e Príncipe, Senegal and Cape Verde.
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